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Wrongful Death

wrongful-deathWrongful death law covers a range of issues that require an experienced attorney’s knowledge. At Schneider Law Offices, PLLC we offer the expertise you are looking for in wrongful death cases in New York. We serve New York City, the Hudson Valley, New Paltz, Poughkeepsie and the vicinity as personal injury law experts that know how to establish your case so you can gain the restitution that is due you.

Cases that fall under the wrongful death category span from nursing home negligence, to auto accidents, to negligence causing dangerous circumstances on one’s premises, and many more scenarios. Often wrongful death suits can be brought against a party when criminal charges are not attempted or if they fail. It is our job at Schneider Law Offices, PLLC to prove that a party (usually family of the deceased) has suffered a loss due to the negligence or fault of another. Wrongful death cases can fall into one or more of these or additional categories:

  • Loss of life due to someone’s negligence (loss of spouse, parent or other family member, causing suffering and anguish to surviving family members)
  • Loss of income due to death of loved one, with this income depended upon by family members
  • A whole host of accident scenarios leading to loss of life; such as auto, boat, train accidents, acts of violence, and more.

As you can see, not only does the pain and suffering of losing a loved one play a part in wrongful death cases, but the potential lost income of the deceased and the ramifications of that loss (potential lifestyle changes, provisions for spousal support, minor children’s welfare, etc.) make wrongful death lawsuits incredibly important to surviving family members. Another key point to consider is that the money awarded in wrongful death lawsuits will become part of the deceased’s estate. As your wrongful death attorneys, you can depend on our representation in surrogate’s court for estate administration, will probate and more. These are complex matters that unfortunately must be dealt with in the event of death, and we offer the benefit of our experience as estate administration experts.

Only attorneys who are most versed in wrongful death law should be consulted in these matters, to ensure a positive resolution for you. That’s why we encourage you to contact us at 845-419-2354. We offer a free consultation and offer the benefit of our significant estate administration experience.