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Automobile Accidents


Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney in the Hudson Valley, NY
Expert Personal Injury Representation to Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

As your trusted auto accident attorneys, Schneider Law Offices, PLLC provides representation that will put you in the best position to receive the just compensation you are due for your suffering and recovery. We will fight for you against individuals and corporations in the Hudson Valley, New Paltz, Poughkeepsie and the vicinity.

As experienced auto accident attorneys, we understand one basic fact: Insurance companies are not your friends. They only care about the profits they can generate, not your well-being. As your personal injury lawyers we not only work for your rights, we help ensure that your case is presented in its proper light; we do the investigative work to show how you have been victimized. We pay careful attention to how your accident transpired, then carefully present it in front of the judge and jury so you have the best opportunity to receive maximum compensation.
We Fight for Your Rights as an Auto Accident Victim

When you are the victim in an auto accident, there can be even more at stake than bodily harm.Even if you are only slightly injured, there is the matter of lost time at work, and lost income. Add to that the emotional stress suffered due to the accident, and you can see where an experienced personal injury attorney can be vital to your interests.

Going through the trauma of an auto accident can leave lasting emotional scars, or at the very least, a short-term shock to your system that can keep you away from work and complicate your life. As your trusted personal injury attorneys, we understand what you are facing, and will work to ensure that you receive the highest monetary award possible.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, our personal injury attorneys can provide potentially life-changing services. You will need an experienced attorney who can recover the maximum amount due you so you can afford to address an array of challenges; everything from employing home health care aides, to paying for therapies to help you recover. Talk to us about your personal injury case. Call Bryan Schneider at 845-419-2354 for an immediate free consultation.