After an auto accident in Hudson Valley, a victim may file a lawsuit against the responsible party to receive compensation for their injuries and losses. However, it important for a victim to realize that regardless of how legitimate their claim may be, there are critical errors that could set back their lawsuit severely – or worse, eliminate their chances of receiving compensation altogether.

These mistakes are very common in a personal injury lawsuit, which is why it is best a victim consult with an attorney rather than attempt to seek compensation on their own.


Lying is a mistake that is easily avoided. After an auto accident in Hudson Valley, a victim must answer questions about their injuries and damages to multiple parties. It is critical that every interview has logical, honest answers. Providing false information to the police or an insurer can void all personal injury claims and compensation opportunities.

Also, lying about the extent of the injuries could result in no payment. For example, telling the courts that a person cannot walk anymore, but then the defense has video footage of the plaintiff walking around. It should be noted that during a personal injury lawsuit, especially a high-value one, the defense will surveil plaintiffs and look for ways to discredit them.

Talking to Others about the Case

Insurance claims adjusters, defense attorneys, and other individuals may contact the plaintiff to receive a statement. However, the victim must never speak with anyone who was hired by the at-fault party or even friends and family. The only person that they should consult with is their attorney. Speaking to multiple parties opens the door to confidentiality issues.

Sharing on Social Media

Today, most people communicate with loved ones and keep friends up-to-date via social media. However, a personal injury lawsuit regarding an auto accident in Hudson Valley has no place in social media. Whether a plaintiff has a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account, they should make no mention of their pending lawsuit, how the suit is progressing, or the results.

Accepting an Agreement

Before accepting a settlement agreement with an insurance company, a victim has the right to consult with a personal injury attorney – and they should. Consulting an attorney will ensure that the victim is receiving a fair settlement. Most insurance companies will take their chances and try to settle with a plaintiff before they have consulted an attorney, knowing that the victim does not know the actual value of their case.

Disposing of the Evidence

During a personal injury case, a plaintiff must keep a plethora of proof. This includes their medications, medical records, payments they have made, and photographs. Anything that could be considered evidence should be preserved until after the trial.

Ignoring Doctor’s Orders

Even if a plaintiff disagrees with their physician’s orders, they cannot ignore them during a personal injury lawsuit. Failing to attend follow-up appointments or receive treatment could create the perception that the plaintiff is not really injured as they claim.