I’m looking for information.

auto-accident-nyIf you were injured in an auto accident, you may have questions about getting medical bills and potential lost wages paid while you are recuperating.

Maybe you were injured on the job and you want to know if there is action you can take separate and apart from filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Perhaps the person who caused your injury told you he was going to pay for your medical bills and ask that you not report this to any insurance company.

Maybe you are concerned that a part of your body injured in this accident was previously injured or compromised in some way and you are not sure if you can do anything about it.

Even more simply, you just want to know if you have a case at all.


We can help.  We do not speak “legalese” when it comes to explaining how the law works.  No fee is charged for calling us and asking questions. We provide straightforward and candid answers and advice.  We welcome the opportunity to help you.