Information About the Stryker Hip Replacement Concerns

Hip replacements are relatively common and there are different manufacturers for replacement hips. One popular option is the Stryker hip, and patients were told that it was supposed to last for approximately 15 years. However, what actually happened was the metal-on-metal implants only lasted a few years before they started breaking down. In terms of [...]

Avoiding Collisions with Other Types of Vehicles

Car collisions don’t always happen the way drivers think they do. In many cases, they occur between cars and other types of vehicles, such as a car vs. tractor trailer accidents. There are countless auto accidents throughout Hudson Valley that involve cars and other types of vehicles that the average person may not be watching [...]

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Types of Personal Injury Settlements, damages

Defective medical products or devices can have significant consequences for the injured party, and in some cases can even lead to death. No person with a defective medical product or device should have to suffer. A good Hudson Valley lawyer can provide all of the legal expertise that a person needs, whether they have been [...]

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Types of Product Liability Claims

There are many types of medical products or devices that are meant to help people but end up doing more harm than good. In the case of defective medical product or device, people may experience serious side effects, they may become very ill, or they may experience no symptoms at all and only realize that [...]

Handling a Tractor Trailer vs. Car Collision

Any type of car collision is alarming and can be a shock to everyone involved. It is easy for drivers to get caught up in the dramatic event and forget about gathering the facts for an insurance claim or legal case. In the event that a driver is involved in a tractor trailer vs. car [...]

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Prilosec and Nexium and Chronic Kidney Disease

Two of the most common drugs taken for indigestion and heartburn issues have been shown to have serious health consequences that extend beyond the limits of typical drug side effects. The drugs, Prilosec and Nexium, have both been linked to an increasing number of cases of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The number of legal cases [...]

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